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Six Bill Repeat - $50 Model (FT)
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Six Bill Repeat - $50 Model (FT)
Six Bill Repeat - $50 Model (FT)
Item #: 21853 (M2-1-1)
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You start with 6 fifty dollar bills. You take away 3, you still have 6!


The performer displays six Fifty Dollar bills, saying this was the fee for a recent show. The magician's partner believes in fifty-fifty, half of everything the magician has goes to the partner! So the partner took half and spent it on new clothes! The performer did some magic, and still had six bills left.


This is repeated five times and each time you take away three bills from six, you still have six left. This is the famous Six Card Repeat trick, done with real looking money, and an interesting story line, making it a great hit with any audience.


Supplied complete and ready to use with instructions and presentation ideas. A trick you can carry in your wallet, and use any place to make a big impact. Very good value for money !

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You start with 6 fifty dollar bills. You take away 3, you still have