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Sleeve Flower Bouquet - 10 Cloth Blooms (FT)
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Sleeve Flower Bouquet - 10 Cloth Blooms (FT)
Sleeve Flower Bouquet - 10 Cloth Blooms (FT)
Item #: 20373 (M8-17-3)
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This is a production bouquet of ten large cloth flowers (which makes a much bigger display than a bouquet of ten or more chicken feather flowers). Ideally these bouquets are produced from thin air after showing your hands empty (actually from your sleeves).


They can also be produced from any production prop like a Mirror Box, Square Circle, Large Ghost Tube, etc. Comes with instructions and ideas for use.

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This is a production bouquet of ten large cloth flowers (which 
makes a much bigger display than a bouquet of ten or more chicken 
feather flowers). Produce after showing your hands empty or from any 
production prop.