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Slippery Witch (FT)
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Slippery Witch (FT)
Slippery Witch (FT)
Item #: 13534 (M19-9-4)
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A wooden block threaded on two lengths of shoelaces is held securely by a spectator. After a magic pass, the block frees itself from the laces! All can be examined.
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Pillars Of Solomon (FT)
21797 (M16-6-2)
A neat little pocket trick you can do anytime anywhere.
In Stock

Crazy Cords (FT)
21792 (M6-15-4)
You display two different colored strings which pass through two plastic blocks
In Stock

Super Obedient Cubio (EZ-X)
20022 (M21-12-3)
Stop the box from sliding on command. The cube is on the string but can stop at random right in the middle.
In Stock

Cubio - Brass (FT)
10894 (M6-9-3)
A small solid Brass Cube slides freely up and down on a string. At performer's command, it freezes on the string. Precision machined brass prop, which can be examined by the audience.
In Stock

Royal Oddball (R)
10537 (M18-2-2)
A ball has strings through it and is in a box, but the ball gets free from the strings.
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Spring Puzzle Large 3" - Pack of 12 (FT)
21737 (M20-5-2)
A pack of 12 puzzles where only you can remove the ring. 3" long with .5" diameter ring.
In Stock

Card Holder - With Hidden Pocket - 12 pack (VDF)
21619 (M3-12-1)
This elegant card holder will be a faithful ally in your performances. It carefully stores special cards, key cards, gimmick cards, or more simply it can be the holder of your favorite "packet trick."
In Stock

Hot Flip Flops (FT)
21551 (M10-10-4)
Performer displays a Flip Flop - 7 boards hinged together with six different colored glitter fans between the boards. Spectator selects one of the fans, and all the fans change to the selected color.
In Stock

Coin Slide - Empire
21547 (M5-10-4)
Change, vanish, or make a coin appear.
Out of Stock

Ventriloquist Starter Kit (Royal)
21533 (M24-4-4)
So you want to be a ventriloquist but you don't have time to learn? The latest gag novelty from H. Fishlove - Mouth Accessory for Silent Kabitzing!!!
In Stock

Houdini Bolt Escape (FT)
21506 (M10-8-2)
The great Harry Houdini escapes from the bolted frame.
In Stock

The wooden block can magically separate from the string. All can be