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Smoking The Thumb (FT)
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Smoking The Thumb (FT)
Smoking The Thumb (FT)
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This little gimmick has a million uses. Very simply what it does is allow the performer to "smoke" his thumb - performer sucks on this thumb and blows out smoke! It's as simple as that! It can be used in combination with many fire effects, or by itself as a comedy bit. Either way it's sure to make the audience sit up and take notice. The gimmick itself is small and easy to steal and conceal.


Form your hand into a fist, with the thumb sticking out, like a pipe.  Suck on your thumb and blow out clouds of real smoke. Plenty of big puffs. Then show your hands empty.  Made in wood and copper, this comes complete with instructions.

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Form your hand into a fist, with the thumb sticking out, like a pipe. Suck on your thumb and blow out clouds of real smoke right from your thumb. Then show your hands empty. Made in wood and copper.