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Snapping Match Book
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Snapping Match Book
Snapping Match Book
Item #: 21978 (M9-16-1)
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When they open the matchbook - SNAP! - they get a smack. 


This is not designed to make a lot of friends…just a lot of laughs!


It doesn't really hurt, it just startles the victim. Ouch!

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Cards with the pictures of 4 lit matches are placed on the spectator's palm. A match is lit, then blown out. The cards are turned over and all of the matches are blown out!
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Floating Match (1 gimmick) (FT)
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Nail Up The Nose Reel (FT)
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This thin-lined, 8' long and strong mono filament battery operated (uses 2 x AAA cells, supplied) matchbox reel has many uses for magicians.
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When they open the matchbook - SNAP! - they get a smack.