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Space Coins - 2 EURO
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Space Coins - 2 EURO
Space Coins - 2 EURO
Item #: 20279 (M19-5-3)
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Place two Euro coins inside a brass cylinder and lay it on top of a small bag. Instantly all coins disappear from the cylinder, penetrate the bag and end up inside! The coins are put back in the brass cylinder and this is placed once again on the bag. This time the coins disappear from the cylinder and end up in the magician's hand. The magician repeats everything one last time and as a grand finale, the coins penetrate right through a solid table! Very easy to do. Comes supplied with a polished brass cylinder and a bag. Works for 2 Euro coins.

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Make 2 Euro coins penetrate a brass cylinder, a bag and a table! 
Comes supplied with a polished brass cylinder and a bag.