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Sponge Balls 25 Tricks Booklet (TM)
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Sponge Balls 25 Tricks Booklet (TM)
Sponge Balls 25 Tricks Booklet (TM)
Item #: BK20614 (L12-2-2)
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The step by step instructions in this book will give you all the tips and tricks for performing with your Sponge Balls. Inside you will find 25 tips & tricks including: Basic Finger Palm Vanish,The French Drop, Purse Frame Production, Flight Through Space,Three Ball Trick, Bonus: "No Move" Sponge Ball Routine. And much, much more!. 

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Sponge Balls - 1.25" - 4 Balls - Carded (Empire)
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Perform a wide range of magic with these soft sponge balls. Make them vanish, appear, and multiply, even in a spectator's hand. Includes four 1-1/4" balls and instructions. Carded. Red.
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Learn sponge magic with this booklet.