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Sponge Balls 25 Tricks Booklet (TM)
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Sponge Balls 25 Tricks Booklet (TM)
Sponge Balls 25 Tricks Booklet (TM)
Item #: BK20614 (L4-2-4)
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The step by step instructions in this book will give you all the tips and tricks for performing with your Sponge Balls. Inside you will find 25 tips & tricks including: Basic Finger Palm Vanish,The French Drop, Purse Frame Production, Flight Through Space,Three Ball Trick, Bonus: "No Move" Sponge Ball Routine. And much, much more!. 

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Sponge Balls with Jumbo Climax (VDF)
22021 (M1-3-4)
The magician puts two sponge balls in the spectator's hand, and instantly they transform into a large ball!
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Sponge Cubes – Pack of 25 - BLUE
21820 (M8-7-4)
A pack of one-inch sponge cubes to use as you like. Use them as a change from your sponge balls routine. It's up to you. No instructions. Blue.
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Sponge Cubes – Pack of 25 - RED
21819 (M7-8-3)
A pack of one-inch sponge cubes to use as you like. Use them as a change from your sponge balls routine. It's up to you. No instructions. Red.
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Multiplying Carrots – Sponge (Pair) (FT)
21592 (M6-6-3)
Some Magicians produce rabbits out of a hat. You can produce rabbit food instead!
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Sponge Balls - 1.25" - 4 Balls - Carded (Empire)
21491 (M8-10-3)
Perform a wide range of magic with these soft sponge balls. Make them vanish, appear, and multiply, even in a spectator's hand. Includes four 1-1/4" balls and instructions. Carded. Red.
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Sponge Ball - 4" Red - Professional Style (Goshman)
21416 (M9-18-3)
This is the next generation of the Magic by Gosh sponge balls. Very similar to the super soft version, that is no longer available, these soft professional sponge balls are top of the line in feel and spring. 4" red sponge ball.
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Sponge Ultra Soft Something or Nothing
21325 (M8-8-4)
Sponge words that are perfect for any magician... ...for whenever you need to throw out "Something" or "Nothing"- literally.
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Sponge Rabbit 25 Tricks Kit
19868 (M7-7-2)
This pack includes 12 sponge rabbits and a trick booklet.
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Multiplying Sponge Hearts (Goshman)
19447 (M2-16-4)
A single red sponge rubber heart becomes one, two, three, then four. Make the heart disappear from the magician's hand and reappear in the hand of an audience member!
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Master Mind Cards - Pocket Size (FT)
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Precision Red Rider Back Bicycle Svengali Deck (Sterling)
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Learn sponge magic with this booklet.