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Sponge Balls - 1.5" - Supersoft - Bulk Bag of 50 - Red
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Sponge Balls - 1.5" - Supersoft - Bulk Bag of 50 - Red
Sponge Balls - 1.5" - Supersoft - Bulk Bag of 50 - Red
Item #: S19355
Unit: Bulk of 50

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Not your ordinary sponge balls. These sponge balls are super soft. They're easier to handle and compact even smaller than ordinary sponge balls. You'll like these - they're great to handle. In bulk bags of 50, they come with several routines. Avail. in: 1.5”, 2”
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Sponge Balls - 2" - Supersoft Ultrabrite - Pack of 4 - Green
Each box contains four 2" Ultrabrite sponge balls of the same color - green.
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Sponge Balls - 1.5" - Regular (Gosh) - Pack of 4 - Red
Four soft 1.5" red sponge balls.
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Rubber Dove 6"
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18020 (O5-1-7)
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50 red, 1.5" extra soft sponge balls.