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Sponge Production Bunny (FT)
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Sponge Production Bunny (FT)
Sponge Production Bunny (FT)
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These Sponge Rabbits are life size (Approx. 8" x 6.5" high x 3 "), and hand crafted from a superior quality sponge that can be compressed in a small space, and expand instantly on production. Perform a startling transposition, placing the rabbit in a paper bag, crushing it, then reproduce it from another prop, like a Rabbit Pan that has been shown empty.

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Web Coloring Three Silks Production - 18 Inch (FT)
This is an outfit comprising of three fine 18″ silks: a plain purple silk, a black and white picture on a matching purple background, the same picture in full color. No words needed, so it can be used for any audience anywhere in the world.
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Multiplying Sponge Hearts
A single red sponge rubber heart becomes one, two, three, then four. Make the heart disappear from the magician's hand and reappear in the hand of an audience member!
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Mouse to Cheese - Sponge (FT)
20268 (M14-16-1)
You display, then push the head of a mouse through your hand, which emerges as a piece of "cheese", several times bigger than the original mouse! The item is hand crafted from a superior quality sponge. Ready to use, with instructions.
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Foam Hot Dog String (Goshman)
12358 (M9-8-2)
Eight connected 10-inch Super Soft sponge hot dogs. Great ending to almost any sponge ball routine for magicians, or just a comedy prop for clowns and emcees.
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Rabbit Production Box (FT)
Performer displays an open top, cut out front, empty box. A dagger pierces the box from side to side. Cover the front for an instant, and a small bunny, other small animal, silks, flower or other prop appears in the box.
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Magic 3" Sponge Grey Hare (Goshman) - Bulk Bag of 50
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50 sponge rabbits to give out during your routine.
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Cups and Balls - Professional
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Triple Card Castles from Bag (FT)
Three card castles appear from a seemingly empty bag.
In Stock

This bunny can fit in small places and return to it's normal size. 
Approx. 8" long x 6.5" high x 3" wide.