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Sponge Rabbit 25 Tricks Kit
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Sponge Rabbit 25 Tricks Kit
Sponge Rabbit 25 Tricks Kit
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Includes a dozen sponge rabbits and 25 tips and tricks booklet. Each w/ colorful insert packed in plastic.
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Gallo teaches sponge ball magic and more.
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Schindler Entertainment First! DVD
Schindler teaches coin and sponge ball routines.
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Mister Rabbit Himself (Goshman)
12106 (M14-15-3)
One sponge rabbit quickly multiples to four.
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Rabbits Rabbits Everywhere - Large
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Multiplying Rabbits - Bulk Pack of 500
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3D Sponge Bunny 4" (Goshman)
Surprise your audience with this 4 inch 3D sponge rabbit! This replaces the Dacri 3D Sponge Bunny 5" (Goshman), which has been discontinued. This sponge rabbit, at about 4" in length and 3" tall, is as charming as the predecessor.
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Miracle Rabbit (Goshman)
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This pack includes 12 sponge rabbits and a trick booklet.