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Spring Flowers - Paper (12 flowers) (FT)
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Spring Flowers - Paper (12 flowers) (FT)
Spring Flowers - Paper (12 flowers) (FT)
Item #: 15213 (M8-7-3)
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12 paper flowers with strings.  3.75" height x 3" width.

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Flower to Bouquet (FT)
21889 (M4-10-2)
A quick, simple but very effective magic trick - a large wand is used to produce a bouquet of silk flowers!
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Flower Box Production - Stage Size (Empire)
19166 (M4-11-2)
A stage version of this trick where boxes of flowers appear from a bag. Bag is 10" x 8" x 4".
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Spring Bills - Bouquet (FT)
12889 (M8-8-3)
This flowering bouquet of realistic bills can be produced from any production apparatus, from beneath a silk hanky, or any place where spring flowers are used. Bundle of 10 spring bills.
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Flower Production Foulard with Bouquets (FT)
15250 (M4-9-1)
Produce up to four flower bouquets from behind the foulard. Comes with special Foulard, four flower (cloth & feather) Bouquets, and instructions.
Out of Stock

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Tarbell Colour Changing Silk - 15" (FT)
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Chattering Teeth - 2.5 inch
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12 paper flowers with strings. 3.75" height x 3" width.