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Square Circle Card Transformation (FT)
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Square Circle Card Transformation (FT)
Square Circle Card Transformation (FT)
Item #: 21841 (R2-2-6)
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Two cards. One with a circle cutout, one with a square. They switch places! How?


Created by Ian Adair.


Here’s a ‘Passé Passé’ type effect using two playing cards, with a difference. The cards are the same, but each with a big hole in their centres - one square and one circular !


Both cards can be examined at the commencement of the effect.


The performer explains that often squares change places with circles and vice-versa, and offers to prove this point. The card with the circular hole is placed inside the performer’s trouser or jacket pocket. After a snap of the fingers, it is seen that both cards have magically changed places. Again, the cards can be handed out for examination. 

Complete with special cards and instructions.


A novel packet effect, at a very affordable price !

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Two cards. One with a circle cutout, one with a square. They switch 
places! How?