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Stiff Rope - Budget White (TM)
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Stiff Rope - Budget White (TM)
Stiff Rope - Budget White (TM)
Item #: 21618 (M20-14-2)
Unit: Each

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The magician displays a piece of rope coiled over his hand. He stretches the rope between his hands, and pretends to hypnotize the rope. One hand is now released, and the rope stands rigid like a stick. The magician merely blows on the rope and it falls down limp once again. Present it as a bit of serious magic or a comedy you fancy.




It is stiffer than the standard stiff ropes and the ends curl up on each side.


(Please note: If you try to straighten out the curled ends, the gimmick will break.)


The effect is the same as the standard trick and still magical! A classic that's so easy to do!

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An ordinary rope can become perfectly 
stiff. Easy to do!