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Stop Smoking Cigarette Trick (FT)
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Stop Smoking Cigarette Trick (FT)
Stop Smoking Cigarette Trick (FT)
Item #: 10561 (M21-17-2)
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A cigarette is placed into the metal tube that fits around it perfectly. When the tube is uncapped, the cigarette has vanished into thin air. It's GONE!
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Vernet Invisible Hand - Smoking The Thumb
This accessory is to be used with "The Invisible Hand" by Michel (aka the Hold Out). Perform the cleanest version of the classic "Smoking the Thumb" like a pipe. You can show the hands absolutely empty after, before and during the effect.
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Squirt Cigarette
These fake cigarettes squirt water.
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Mesh Cigarette Vanisher (FT)
11230 (14-5-2)
Made of metal. Easily make cigarettes vanish.
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Smoking Cigarette #122a
Blow smoke out of these fake cigarettes.
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Cig-o-Bill - Single or Bulk of 100
A bill is borrowed, marked and wrapped in a hanky. Then a cigarette is borrowed, torn in half and the bill is in the cig. The bill in the hanky has vanished. Clever gimmick. Buy by pieces - 12 minimum. Get discount when you buy by bulk pack of 100.
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Shock Cigarettes
These cigarettes deliver a shocking surprise.
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Encyclopedia of Cigarette Tricks by K. Clark
14525 (L4-2-1.L32-1-1)
The definitive book on cigarette manipulation! Every sleight imaginable is covered showing productions/ vanishes of single and multiple cigarettes - lit or unlit. All kinds of photos and illustrations. 304 pages, softcover.
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Cigarette Loads - Carded
Stick these in the end of a cigarette for a surprising bang.
Out of Stock

Puff Cigarettes King Size 2 pc - Dozen
Large cigarettes that actually make smoke, producing the illusion of a burning cigarette. Blister pack of 2 pc. Pack of 12 sets.
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Sponge Balls - 3" - Regular (Gosh) - Pack of 4 - Red
Four red 3" regular sponge balls.
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Make the cigarette disappear. A light-hearted joke about cutting 
down on smoking habits.