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The Incorporated Strange Secrets by T. Annemann
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The Incorporated Strange Secrets by T. Annemann
The Incorporated Strange Secrets by T. Annemann
Item #: BK10429 (L9-3-2/M10-5-1.2)
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Some great Ted Annemann effects are presented in this famous book. Collectors of his books know how practical and entertaining this magic is! 20 pages of great magic. Tricks include:

  • Insto-Transpo
  • Stop
  • The Dollar – Cigarette Challenge
  • Remote Control Improved
  • The Accessory
  • Mental Dollars
  • ‘Number, Please’
  • Sensitive Thoughts
  • The Card Doctor
  • Slates and Aces
  • Poker Plus
  • Thought, In Person
  • A Mental Headache

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Ted Annemann teaches great tricks and magical effects in this 20-
page booklet of practical magic.