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String Book Floating Routines for Table and Stage by R. Wichmann
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String Book Floating Routines for Table and Stage by R. Wichmann
String Book Floating Routines for Table and Stage by R. Wichmann
Item #: BK14718 (L7-1-1)
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By Ralph Wichmann. This is a most unusual book, there is nothing else like it in print!  It is an authoritative work on the real secrets of thread work.  It has Floating Routines for table and stage, utilizing our old friend invisible THREAD. The table of contents includes chapters entitled: Basic Facts Relating to Effect, Guide to Floatation - Using Thread and Balls, and Routines Using Thread Link Ups. The author gives routines for both One Point Thread and Two Point Thread. A must for those who want the real dope on the use of thread in magic.  Paperback 8.5" x 5.5" 82 pages with over 99 illustrations.


Table of Contents



  4. Effects
  5. Methods


  7. Threads
  8. Balls




  11. Technique for the One Point Thread
  12. Application of the Technique of the One Point Thread
  13. - The Ball and Silk
  14. - The Ball and Cane
  15. - The Ball and the Bowler Hat
  16. Technique for the Two Point Thread
  17. Application of the Technique of the Two Point Thread
  18. - The Ball and Silk
  19. - The Floating Balloon
  20. - The Two Ball Routine
  21. - The Ball and Hat
  22. - The Free Point Ball and Cane
  23. - The Close-Up Floating Ball
  24. - The Floating Cigarette
  25. - Tips for the Floating Cork
  26. - The Ball and Cane
  27. - The Ball and Sword
  28. - The Tennis Ball and Racquet
  29. - The Ball and Aerosol Can
  30. - The Endless Loop


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This book teaches the real secrets of magic with invisible thread.  
Thread with balls, silk, canes, hats corks, tennis balls, loops and 
more. Paperback 8.5" x 5.5", 82 pages with over 99 illustrations.