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Stripper Deck Bicycle Poker (E-Z) - Red
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Stripper Deck Bicycle Poker (E-Z) - Red
Stripper Deck Bicycle Poker (E-Z) - Red
Item #: 18190 (R8-4-1)
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This trick deck appears normal in all respects, and can be examined and shuffled by a spectator. Yet you can instantly find a selected card, or pull out the four aces, or perform other very clever effects. Red color. Blue is sold separately.

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Secrets - Stripper Deck - DVD
This DVD teaches the many secrets of the stripper deck.
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Stripper Tapered Deck and Book Kit
Includes a deck and a book with 110 trick ideas with a stripper deck.
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Magic Taper (Stripper) Cards #6959
13774 (M13-11-2, 40-10-2)
Quickly figure out which card was selected with this deck.
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Deck Tailor Edge Stripper Deck - Bicycle Red - Premium Grade / Fine Cut
21355 (M6-3-4)
Edge stripper deck - professional cut. Edge strippers have the traditional cut - use them for Hindu shuffles. (For overhand shuffles, use our end strippers.) Bicycle - red.
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Bicycle Stripper Deck (USA)
21047 (M2-5-2)
With this versatile deck,the magic is in your hands. Select spectator's card right out of all 54 cards! Assorted red and blue colors.
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Stripper Deck - Bridge  (FT)
A simple deck. Be able to name cards or pull out aces at will.
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Stripper Deck Bicycle Poker (E-Z) - Blue
21163 (R8-4-2)
A Bicycle stripper deck. Blue color. Red is available separately.
In Stock

Stripper Deck (Royal)
This deck can be used for several tricks.
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110 Unbelievable Magic Tricks with a Stripper Deck
BK14134 (L9-2-1.R37-F)
Learn over 100 tricks involving a stripper deck with this book. A revision of Al Stevenson's 75 tricks book, with over 60 new effects.
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Alpha Bits Letter Pack 26 per
20615 (M1-7-2)
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Cane Plumes - Regular (FT)
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Pin and Wand (Royal)
10039 (M18-3-4)
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Bicycle Unicorn Deck
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A 1937 vintage KEM card back inspired the design that features this mythical creature. It evokes whimsical feelings, while offering up a vibrant colored deck of playing cards. Brightly colored faces and backs, and a custom Ace of Spades.
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A Bicycle stripper deck. Red color. Blue is available separately.