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Super Deck Switcher (FT)
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Super Deck Switcher (FT)
Super Deck Switcher (FT)
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This is a box or case that apparently holds two decks of cards, one red back and one blue back. It will permit you to change the deck of Red backed cards in a very easy and simple manner right under audience view. You can change your examined and shuffled deck for a set-up deck, or a trick deck like a forcing deck, Svengali deck or any other special deck.  Or you can perform some novel magic using just two regular decks. 


This resembles a “book” in a wooden finish, with velvet lined compartments for the performer wanting a superior quality prop. This is not a trick – just an invaluable secret accessory for your magic, where a trick deck is to be used, and you want to imply it is a regular deck which has been seen and handled by the audience.

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This box apparently holds two decks of Bicycle cards, one red back 
and one blue back. It will permit you to change the examined and 
shuffled deck of cards under audience view. for a set-up deck, or 
any other special deck.