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Super Prediction - Triple Climax (FT)
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Super Prediction - Triple Climax (FT)
Super Prediction - Triple Climax (FT)
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Magician shows a board with numbers from 1 to 6 on it. Beside each number, a card is attached in face down position. An envelope with a prediction in it is handed to a spectator.  The spectator is asked to select a number from the board, and the card attached to that selected number will be his selected card.


The card is taken out and is placed in extended face down position on top of the board.  The magician asks the spectator if he wants to see the prediction first or the selected card first. Magician shows the card first or asks the spectator to open the prediction first, according to the spectator’s choice. After the choice the magician brings the face down card from behind and places it facing the audience. Everyone can see what the selected card is, say, Seven of Diamonds.


Now the magician asks the spectator to open the envelope and see if the prediction has matched the selected card. The spectator opens the envelope and finds a card that reads “YOU HAVE NOT SELECTED THE JOKER” written on it. Obviously the audience is not impressed as the prediction is not a perfect match. Now for the 2nd climax, when the magician turns all the other five cards face out to reveal that all the cards are JOKERS. For the 3rd climax the magician says, “If you are still not satisfied” and he turns over the board to show a jumbo Seven of Diamonds is attached to the board.


Approximately 14.5 inches high and 7 inches wide without the cards.

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Magician shows a board with numbers from 1 to 6, with a card 
attached in face down position beside each number. Three different 
trick climaxes after the prediction envelope is given to a 
spectator. Approx. 14.5" high x 7" wide without the cards.