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Sven Notes - NEON Edition (3 Post-It style SvenPads®)
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Sven Notes - NEON Edition (3 Post-It style SvenPads®)
Sven Notes - NEON Edition (3 Post-It style SvenPads®)
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Brand New, and just being released at Blackpool 2018.

Sven Notes are an infinitely customizable palette for your Force ideas, on which you can write:  a word, number, drawing, celebrity, dream destination, a food of your choice, anything, in ANY language.  Sven Notes Neon Edition look uncannily like the famous Post-It style notes on every desk: what could look more ordinary? The backs have brown paper and recycling artwork that makes sure these will fly under all radar, to perfectly hide its forcing secrets.  See inventor Brett Barry introduce and explain the Svenpad KoD here.


Sven Notes are 3" x 3", ultra precision trimmed to an imperceptible 1/45 inch cuts, then hand tested.  These are just too easy to use: simply hold the pad outwards in betwixt your fingers, and ask someone to open at one page.  Done.  Then toss the pad aside.  Force ANYTHING on ANYONE with ease! Concentrate on your presentation, not your props! Your perfect FORCE has never been SIMPLER, MORE DECEPTIVE or more hands-free!


Sven Notes are also ideal for routines where you jot down famous quotes, lists, inspirations, affirmations and much more.  Casually show all of the pages to be different. Then openly hand the SvenPad® to a spectator to secretly peek at just one item. The performer instantly knows exactly what she is thinking.  This is the cleanest way to force ANY piece of information (or more) IN ANY LANGUAGE that you choose. It is simple, deceptive and hands-free! There is NEVER any heat on your pad!  The SvenPad® removes any risky or impractical methods and allows you to focus on your presentation, safe in the knowledge that the method WILL NEVER let you down.


Each NEON Edition package comes with 3 multi-colored pads, full instructions and a phenomenal custom SvenPad® routine by the late Master Mentalist Bob Cassidy. You also get mentalist Michael Murray's incredible SvenPads® PDF of cool new ideas!  


We highly recommend that you use the refillable Pentel 1.0 mm Retractable Gel Roller Pen to write in your Sven Notes.  This pen offers thicker lines, no bleed-through, and instant drying ink.  (Use ONLY water based inks with your Sven Notes.)  Offered for your convenience at a discounted rate, as an add on.

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Pentel Gel Roller Pen, Refillable, Black 1.0 mm
Pentel Retractable Gel Roller Pen, Black 1.0 mm, for SvenPad® (Add $2.25)
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Being Released at Blackpool 2018!  3 Neon Colored Post-It style note 
pads that hide the FORCING secrets within! Comes with 3 multi-
colored customizable 3" x 3" pads, instructions and routine.  
Optional recommended Pen.