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SvenPad® Elegance Rhodia Edition (Single)
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SvenPad® Elegance Rhodia Edition (Single)
SvenPad® Elegance Rhodia Edition (Single)
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SVENPAD® ELEGANCE: RHODIA® EDITION has been made by request especially for our many European, Australian and UK customers! The most luxurious Svenpads® ever.  Genuine Rhodia® Bloc 13 Pad / vellum graph paper (80 pages), that for the first time have been reborn into SvenPads®.  Rhodia pads are known as some of the finest writing pads in existence.  Each is packed in a beautiful cotton lined black jewelers box, and includes a FREE Uni-ball Signo GEL INK PEN.  Ideal for strolling entertainers or for stage use. Assorted black and orange colors.


Since there are 80 total pages, this SvenPad® doubles the forcing possibilities of current SvenPads® (40 force/40 non-force pages).  It is incredibly deceptive, as short cuts now both look and feel invisible.  The mix of superior Rhodia® paper and covers, fused with a high performance spira-glued middle seam means pages do NOT ever move, and flip invisibly between your fingers.  Open the pad 180 degrees and the center seam seems to be held by the spiral binding - which is only an illusion. The graph paper that Rhodia uses COMPLETELY HIDES the work.  The covers are constructed from flexible plastic that is both protective and classy looking (the stiff factory cardboard in back has been removed, as it is not needed for a SvenPad®). The pads flex easily, but are also very tough and waterproof. 


Each package comes with full instructions PDF link for a custom SvenPad® routine by the late Master Mentalist Bob Cassidy. You also get mentalist Michael Murray's incredible SvenPads® PDF of cool new ideas + video teaching links.

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Additional Pentel Gel Roller Pen, Refillable, Black 1.0 mm
Pentel Retractable Gel Roller Pen, Black 1.0 mm, for SvenPad® (Add $2.25)
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The world's best forcing pads. Genuine Rhodia® memo pads made into 
SvenPads. Pages feel feather light and supple smooth, flip 
effortlessly. 4" x 6". Assorted black and orange colors.