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SvenPad® KøD Memo Pad - Yellow
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SvenPad® KøD Memo Pad - Yellow
SvenPad® KøD Memo Pad - Yellow
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SvenPads are an infinitely customizable palette for your Force ideas, on which you can write:  a word, number, celebrity, dream destination or a food of your choice, in any language.  The SvenPad® KøD Memo Pad has a SPIRAL binding which hides its forcing secrets.  Open the pad 180 degrees and the glued seam seems to be held by the spiral binding.  It is the world’s first Spira-Glu binding, combining custom printed LINED PAPER (heavier) with a double glazed center spine – hole punched – collated to precision – then cosmetically spiral bound for a perfect illusion of an ordinary memo pad.  See inventor Brett Barry introduce and explain the Svenpad KoD here. Yellow color pad. Red and purple colors are available separately.


Pad is 5" x 3", precision trimmed to less than 1/45 inch, then hand tested.  Link to instructions, a full routine by Master Mentalist Bob Cassidy and a download of performance ideas included.  Original SvenPads by Brett Barry.  Click the link to see young magician Henry Richardson amaze the judges on America's Got Talent with a SvenPad KøD Memo Pad trick.


We highly recommend that you use the refillable Pentel 1.0 mm Retractable Gel Roller Pen to write in your SvenPad KøD Memo Pad.  This pen offers thicker lines, no bleed-through, and instant drying ink.  (Use ONLY water based inks with your SvenPad KøD Memo Pad.)  Offered for your convenience at a discounted rate, as an add on.

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Pentel Gel Roller Pen, Refillable, Black 1.0 mm
Pentel Retractable Gel Roller Pen, Black 1.0 mm, for SvenPad® (Add $2.70)
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A memo pad with a SPIRAL binding that hides the FORCING secrets 
within! Customizable memo pad is 5" x 3". Comes with instructions. 
Yellow color pad. Red and purple colors are available separately. 
Optional recommended Pen (to add onto your sale).