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SvenPad® Original Stage Size (Pair)
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SvenPad® Original Stage Size (Pair)
SvenPad® Original Stage Size (Pair)
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SvenPads are an infinitely customizable palette for your Force ideas, on which you can write:  a word, number, celebrity, dream destination or a food of your choice, in any language.  The SvenPad® Original Stage size looks identical to the SvenPad® Pocket size, but offers a larger palette of possibilities for those that perform on stage or cabaret theater.  8" x 5.5", 50 pages.  It has the same precision long/short cuts that you have come to expect.  Precision trimmed to less than 1/45 inch, then hand tested.  The pad has been professionally tape bound with glossy card stock front and back and is supplied blank so that you can customize it however you like.  (The 8" x 5.5" SvenPad® Stage size is an "in between" format that is larger than the original 5.5" x 4.25" Pocket size, but SMALLER than the 8.5" x 11" or A4 Stage size KoD pads.)  Click the link to see the SvenPad Pocket Size used on Britain's Got Talent by magician Richard Jones.


One pair of Stage Size pads in each package.  Link to instructions, a full routine by Master Mentalist Bob Cassidy and a download of performance ideas included.  Original SvenPads® by Brett Barry.  Your perfect FORCE has never been SIMPLER, MORE DECEPTIVE or more hands-free!


We highly recommend that you use the refillable Pentel 1.0 mm Retractable Gel Roller Pen to write in your SvenPad Stage size.  This pen offers thicker lines, no bleed-through, and instant drying ink.  (Use ONLY water based inks with your SvenPad.)  Offered for your convenience at a discounted rate, as an add on to your sale.

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Pentel Gel Roller Pen, Refillable, Black 1.0 mm
Pentel Retractable Gel Roller Pen, Black 1.0 mm, for SvenPad® (Add $2.70)
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A customizable FORCING utility device! The original SvenPad® Stage 
Size looks identical to the Svenpad® Pocket Size, but is larger, for 
use on stage or cabaret. 8" x 5.5". Two pads in each package, with 
instructions. Optional recommended Pen.