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Sword through Neck - Sword Only (FT)
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Sword through Neck - Sword Only (FT)
Sword through Neck - Sword Only (FT)
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A replacement sword for the Sword Through Neck. It measures 23" long with handle, 3/4" wide, and will fit the set above, or any set of the item which uses a sword up to one inch width. It comes in an attractive velvet covered wood scabbard. Sword frame only is Item S21342

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Sword through Neck - Frame Only (FT)
This is the neck frame only - for Sword through Neck.
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Sword through Neck - Complete Set of 2 Parts  (FT)
The sword goes right through the contraption on the assistant's neck. A clean and highly visual penetration effect which you can perform on a large stage or even a drawing room, completely surrounded by the audience.
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Sword through Necktie - 2 Parts (FT)
A sword goes through the assistant's bare neck, without any shielding by a "frame" or "stock". It visibly emerges at the opposite end, and is then pulled out again to show the assistant unharmed. Comes with special tie, sword and scabbard.
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Extra sword for Sword through Neck.