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Tenyo Flash Dice T-72
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Tenyo Flash Dice T-72
Tenyo Flash Dice T-72
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Six dice are placed into a small case at random and covered with a lid and shaken.When the lid is removed, the dice are lined up in order from 1 to 6. With another shake, the order of the dice reverses (6 to 1).The magician makes a prediction on a slip of paper. The spectator is asked to throw the dice on the table and count the number of spots showing, adding them together. The dice are replaced into the case and shaken. The number of spots which now appear on the dice are added to the previous total. The result matches the prediction.Finally the spectator picks out one of the six dice. The remaining five are replaced into the case and shaken once again. Hey presto - All the dice in the case show the same number as the die the spectator selected.

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The dice go from random order to numerical when inside of the case.