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Tenyo Lucky Strings T303
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Tenyo Lucky Strings T303
Tenyo Lucky Strings T303
Item #: 21837 (F5-2-4)
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Five strings. Can you find the lucky one? Let your spectator win or lose, your choice. We prefer WIN!


Five strings extend from an envelope, but only one string is attached to the winning bell at the bottom. Allow your spectator to choose four of the strings, and the final string remains for you. Pull each of the selected strings upward, and show that they are all loose strings – none of them are attached to the winning bell. The single string they left for you is the winner! Every selection is freely made by the spectator. Even if they decide to change strings midway, they still cannot find the winning string.


Or, have the spectator choose the 4 that they think are not the winner. The final string is the winner!


Everyone is fascinated by the concept of destiny, and that is clearly the theme of this baffling magic trick!






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Five strings. Can you find the lucky one? Let your spectator win or 
lose, your choice. We prefer WIN!