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Tenyo Milk Tumbler T-31
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Tenyo Milk Tumbler T-31
Tenyo Milk Tumbler T-31
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A glass of milk is poured into a paper cone. Open the paper, the milk is gone! The tumbler can be used as a visible milk vanish in full view of the audience. This well made tumbler may be used for many other effects. We suggest the book “Milk Pitcher Magic” for many tips, gags, and routines. JP=Jap. package w/Eng. Inst.
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Audiences of every age will enjoy this transformation of milk into candies, a goldfish... Includes both glasses and a silk! Easy to perform, with high impact on the audience.
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Deluxe Milk Glass (Bazar de Magia)
The magician takes a glass of milk and pours it into a paper cone. He immediately opens the paper cone, showing it is empty and dry: the milk is gone! This new model has more capacity, better design and works perfectly!
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Milk Tumbler (Wonder)
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Pour milk into the cone and back into the glass.