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Tenyo Mystery Showcase T-307
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Tenyo Mystery Showcase T-307
Tenyo Mystery Showcase T-307
Item #: 22064 (F7-1-3.4)
Unit: Each

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A coin production under impossible conditions!A coin appears inside the clear case!


The magician sets a small stand onto a miniature table, and places a transparent cover on top. After locking the cover in place with a rubber band, the magician conceals everything with an opaque tube. Audience members are invited to peek over the top of the tube to confirm the stand remains empty. The performer casts a magic spell and removes the tube… whereupon a large coin has magically appeared in the stand, locked under the cover!


Use your own coin: US quarter, US Sacagawea dollar, 500 yen coin (Japan), 2 Euro, Canadian one dollar coin, 500 won coin (South Korea).


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A coin production under impossible conditions! A coin appears inside 
the clear case!