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Tenyo Smart Guillotine T-281
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Tenyo Smart Guillotine T-281
Tenyo Smart Guillotine T-281
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The Magician invites a spectator to insert his finger into a hole that passes through a transparent frame. He then slides a solid blade into the top slot, waits, and lowers the blade. Magically, the blade penetrates completely through the spectator's finger! It looks exactly as if the finger has been sliced through, but when the magician lifts the blade up, the spectator's finger is completely unharmed.

Over the decades, magicians have created many tricks that give the illusion of slicing through an object. But SMART GUILLOTINE incorporates a unique design that enables you to clearly display the blade's penetration. It really looks magical! Of course, this prop is completely safe. In addition to the finger chopper, you will also learn an amusing presentation in which you slice through the president's portrait on a dollar bill.

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The design of this guillotine allows the Magician to clearly display 
a solid blade slide through a transparent frame, and penetrate 
completely through a spectator's finger.