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Tenyo Ultra Gravity Box T-289
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Tenyo Ultra Gravity Box T-289
Tenyo Ultra Gravity Box T-289
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As the magician, you are easily able to lift the box, but when it’s their turn – fuhgeddaboudit! You can also use this box to store your deck of cards.


1. Insert a deck of cards into the transparent card box, and place the box onto the table. Encircle the box with a piece of string, creating a mystic circle.


2. Tell your spectator that he must remove the box from the circle within three seconds. However, he is unable to even lift the box from the table! Despite his frustrated struggle, you are easily able to lift the box!


3. Allow your spectator to examine the bottom of the box, but there is nothing to find.


* This magic effect may not work on some surfaces, depending on the table material or surface condition. In such instances, perform on the enclosed “magic circle” plate for best results.


The box is specially constructed to contain a full case of poker-sized playing cards.

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The mysterious box that your audience can’t lift.

Get ready for laughs of surprise, when your spectator is unable to 
lift a transparent card box off
the table.