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Tenyo Wild Shock T-298
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Tenyo Wild Shock T-298
Tenyo Wild Shock T-298
Item #: 21644 (M22-7-3)
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This trick is sure to rattle your audiences! Six jokers are rubbed against a freely selected card and, one at a time, each joker transforms into the selected card! 


Tenyo has updated the classic “Wild Card,” making it even more baffling to watch, and easier to perform. A separate presentation is included that allows you to “print” the selected card onto six blank cards. The enclosed manual contains detailed explanations of basic to advanced handlings.


Special deck of cards, special envelope, and detailed instructions included.


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A spectator freely selects a card from the deck. When you rub the 
selection one-by-one against six jokers, they each transform into 
the selection…