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Tenyo Wildlife Wizard T-310
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Tenyo Wildlife Wizard T-310
Tenyo Wildlife Wizard T-310
Item #: 22061 (F5-2-3)
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Divine the animals on any page chosen by your spectator! The ultimate in mindreading magic!


The magician hands an animal picture book to a spectator, instructs him to open to any page, and concentrate on the animals shown in the photographs. The magician attempts to read the spectator’s thoughts, and ultimately divines all the animals depicted on the chosen page!


The picture book appears to be perfectly ordinary, but is actually cleverly gimmicked.


Even professional mentalists will be astonished by this baffling book.


New layer...

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20633 (M1-5-2)
Based on an old spelling effect, the use of cards which can be shuffled by a spectator before and after his selection makes this a baffling mystery.
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Animal Magnetism (FT)
19613 (M1-5-2)
The performer will correctly guess all four animals correctly. There is no force, and the magician does not ask the spectator to write down or reveal his selection to anyone. Very easy to do.
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Card Toon #2
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Animal Hunter MS (FT) - Pack of 100
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The magician can guess the animal selected by spelling out its name.
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Divine the animals on any page chosen by your spectator! The 
ultimate in mindreading magic!