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Death Camp Magicians by W. Rauscher
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Death Camp Magicians by W. Rauscher
Death Camp Magicians by W. Rauscher
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A shocking tale of surviving the notorious Nazi regime and how magic made a difference in two lives as they journeyed from darkness into light.  The interwoven stories of two men who survived the Holocaust are shared and contextualized by William V. Rauscher - author of books on the occult and magic history. In collaboration with Werner Reich, survivor and internationally acclaimed lecturer.


A true story of Holocaust survivors Werner Reich and Herbert Levin.  It transports readers back to the days of the Third Reich and portrays the strength of will two men had to survive in the midst of cruelty that passes all understanding. Central to the story are The Great Nivelli, a professional magician, who performed card tricks for the Auschwitz guards to stay alive and Werner Reich, his starving young bunkmate who not only learned card tricks but also how to endure.  Hardcover, over 180 pages and numerous photos.

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A beautifully written story of magic's role in the survival of a 
magician The Great Nivelli and fellow prisoner Werner Reich. Written 
with candor, courage, and even humor. 2nd edition.