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Throw Coils - White - Jumbo  #10 - 23 Feet (FT)
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Throw Coils - White - Jumbo  #10 - 23 Feet (FT)
Throw Coils - White - Jumbo #10 - 23 Feet (FT)
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The performer throws out his hands and several white streamers shoot out, making for a very dramatic effect.  Each coil can be used once. The jumbo set is great on a stage, and has 10 throw coils.  Each coil has 22 streamers, 23 feet long (22 x 23').  An ideal climax to any trick, guaranteed to bring applause.


We also have a small set, which comes with 10 coils, each with 12 streamers, 11 ft long (12 x 11').

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This jumbo set has 10 throw coils, ready to use.  Each has 22 
streamers, over 23 ft long (22 x 23').