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Thumb Tip - Plastic (Vernet) - Children's Size - Pack of 12
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Thumb Tip - Plastic (Vernet) - Children's Size - Pack of 12
Thumb Tip - Plastic (Vernet) - Children's Size - Pack of 12
Item #: 18509 (M9-3-1)
Unit: Dozen

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With these little fingertips, you can perform all the tricks done with the classic thumb tip and also fool the people who know the thumb tip. Suitable for children and teens.  BULK pack of 1 dozen.

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Thumb Tip Streamer - Small 2" x 40"
21422 (M8-12-4)
Show your hands EMPTY then produce a 2" x 40" long 100% pure, multi- color silk streamer! (Note - This used to be 38 inches long.)
In Stock

Vernet Thumb Tip - Junior - Pack of 12
20937 (M9-10-1)
The best choice for teenagers and people with small thumbs! Most realistic, non-shiny, dull finish. Same material and quality as the Classic Thumb Tip. Pack of 12.
Out of Stock

Vernet Thumb Tip - Soft - Junior - Pack of 12
20940 (M9-8-3)
Regular sized thumb tip, made of new material with new texture (not rubber). The best choice for teenagers and people with small thumbs! Pack of 12.
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Thumb Tip Card Silk Set - Queen of Hearts (FT)
19508 (M8-14-4)
The 8" silk with a blank card magically has a card appear.
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Top Secret 101 Magic Tricks with a Thumb Tip Book
BK19278 (L1-2-4)
Learn over 100 tricks that utilize the thumb tip.
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DLite Junior Single - Ultra Bright Red
13465 (M3-15-1)
A single red lighted thumb tip for kids. Show your hands empty, then pluck a bright red light out of the air and make it disappear. Junior size to fit smaller hands.
In Stock

Vernet Magnetic Thumb Tip
13438 (M9-10-1)
Vernet Thumb Tip combined with a powerful magnet makes this a very useful gimmick that allows you to perform many PK miracle effects. Stop a watch, suspend a spoon, perform Chop Cup with a plastic cup.
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Mental 4 Transposition (FT)
22082 (R8-1-6)
The two face up cards are the ones thought of by the spectator and surprisingly the two cards also have opposite back colors. Finally when the remaining cards are turned up...they are all BLANK!
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Master Mind Card - Pocket Size (FT)
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Needle Thru Balloon Professional (Bazar de Magia)
22059 (F5-1-2)
The needle penetrates the balloon without popping it!
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No Way Coin Trick - Nested Coin
22004 (M2-16-4)
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Appearing Straw (Uday)
21993 (R5-2-1.2.3)
An 8 foot straw appears from nowhere!
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Children and teen-sized thumb tips (fingertips). Bulk pack of 1