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Thumb Tip Flasher (FT)
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Thumb Tip Flasher (FT)
Thumb Tip Flasher (FT)
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This gimmick will permit you to produce an impressive flame from your apparently empty hand. The apparatus supplied is made of a specially constructed Thumb Tip with a special firing mechanism fitted in it. You will also require a supply of Flash Wool, or Flash Paper, (not included, and available separately). Makes a very impressive opener, or for any spot in your act. Not for sale to minors.
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Topi Flasher Gimmick (FT)
Create a dramatic flash of fire when performing a trick. This is a sturdy metal gimmick, designed to be used with flash paper or flash cotton (sold separately). It can be used as a finger clipped gimmick, or a pull.
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Flash Paper - 4 Sheets per - White - Pack of 6
This flash paper will light up the stage when lit. Four 8" x 10" sheets in each plastic bag. Pack of 6 bags.
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Flash Paper - Colored Assortment - Pack of 6
A variety of flash paper to add a spark to your routine. Six 8" x 10" sheets: 1 sheet each of violet, brown, orange, blue, pink and yellow. Not permitted to ship via air.
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Flash Pads - 20 Sheets per Pad - Pack of 12
The sheet will light at your fingertips. 20 sheets come in each pad. Pack of 12 pads.
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Finger Flasher (Ickle Pickle)
This is a two finger model from which you can produce a startling flash from a seemingly empty hand. A safe method for lighting flash cotton at close range, to produce a flame from within your hand.
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Flash Paper Tips by S. Robson and R. W. Read
Robson and Read teach flash paper magic.
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Finger Flasher - Large
This device allows you to create a flash instantly from your hand. Large version has an extra load capacity. Flash cotton sold separately.
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Flash Cotton 5g - Pack of 6
These balls of cotton quickly light to add a spark to your performance.
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Flash Paper - Bulk Pack of 100
Flash paper will light up the stage when lit. Pack of 100 8" x 10" sheets. Discount for 6 packs or more.
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A flame shoots out of this fake thumb tip.