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Thumb Tip Magic - from Basic to Advanced Routines by Ioso (VDF)
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Thumb Tip Magic - from Basic to Advanced Routines by Ioso (VDF)
Thumb Tip Magic - from Basic to Advanced Routines by Ioso (VDF)
Item #: BK21943 (L6-3-4)
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In English and Italian! Learn great routines for your thumb tip!



Introduces the magician to the potential and the in-depth study of thumb tips.  Starts from the basic method, and then explains more advanced, hidden techniques.  You will learn a lot of routines, both classics and new.  For closeup magic, with emphasis on presentation. 

Reading this book, you will discover that you need very little to change the thumb tip into a lethal weapon to amuse the audience and to find something more unexpected to do. You will find a lot of routines from the classics to the unknown (Bank Night, Rings Throwing, Twentieth Century Silk, Cut Rope or Ribbon Restored and a lot more). A lot of ideas enable you to use the Thumb Tip in close-up magic.  The author emphasizes presentation of the effect.

A unique book that is particularly good for the beginners that want to have good foundations while also helpful to the experienced Magic artist. Includes many very clear close-up color pictures.


Written in 2 languages: English & Italian.


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In English AND Italian! This book teaches some of the best thumb tip 
magic tricks and routines. Detailed with close-up color pictures.