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Thumb Tip Premium - Pack of 12 - Large
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Thumb Tip Premium - Pack of 12 - Large
Thumb Tip Premium - Pack of 12 - Large
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Perform your favorite thumb tip effects with these new premium thumb tips. So realistic, they look like a real thumb. Available in three sizes - junior, regular and large. 12 per bag.
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This book teaches some of the best thumb tip magic tricks and routines. In English and Italian.
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Thumb Tip - Soft - Big (VDF) - Pack of 12
A large sized fake soft vinyl thumb. Length: 49 mm - 1.93". Diameter: 21 mm - 0.83". Capacity: Large. Made in Italy. Pack of 12 pieces.
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Greater Magic Video Library - Salvano Thumb Tips - Vol. 10
GMVL DVD: Salvano teaches thumb tip magic.
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A pack of one dozen large sized premium thumb tip.