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Thumb Tip Silk Streamer - Small 1" x 34"
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Thumb Tip Silk Streamer - Small 1" x 34"
Thumb Tip Silk Streamer - Small 1" x 34"
Item #: 9763 (M8-14-1)
Unit: Each

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Show your hands EMPTY then produce a 1" x 36" long 100% pure, multi-color silk streamer! Show your hands again, then produce another one or more, as these fit perfectly into your thumb tip!

Or produce from any of your production boxes!


Please use your own thumb tip or production box.

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Streamer from Nowhere (Empire)
22048 (M4-1-2)
Produce a rainbow streamer from nowhere, or anywhere! Reach into your white hanky and produce the colorful streamer. (Each/ziplock bag with color picture.)
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Bag to Card Foulard 44" (FT)
20630 (M2-17-1)
A deck of cards dropped into a previously displayed empty silver satin bag transforms into a heavy satin 44" x 44" foulard, with different playing cards printed all over it. The foulard may then be shown freely.
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Thumb Tip Card Silk Set - King of Clubs (FT)
19507 (M8-14-4)
The silk with a blank card magically has a card appear (King of Clubs).
Out of Stock

Silk - 6" - Pack of 12 - Red
14440 (M7-16-2)
1 dozen of high quality red silks, 6".
In Stock

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This 36 inch silk comes from a seemingly empty hand.