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Top Secret 101 Magic Tricks with a Thumb Tip Book
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Top Secret 101 Magic Tricks with a Thumb Tip Book
Top Secret 101 Magic Tricks with a Thumb Tip Book
Item #: BK19278 (L1-2-4)
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Imagine being able to cause any small object to vanish in the palm of your hands! It's possible, with Top Secret, the magician's secret weapon. Armed with this devious little device, you will be able to perform some of the most amazing magic tricks around. The step by step instructions in this book will give you all the tips and tricks for performing with Top Secret. Find 101 different effects including: Silk Vanish, Salt Production, Torn and Restored Sugar Packet, Cut and Restored Rope, Cigarette through Handkerchief, and much more!

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Thumb Tip Magic - from Basic to Advanced Routines by Ioso (VDF)
BK21943 (L6-3-4)
In English AND Italian! This book teaches some of the best thumb tip magic tricks and routines. Detailed with close-up color pictures.
In Stock

Thumb Tip - Soft - Regular (VDF) - Pack of 12
20920 (M8-14-2)
A large sized fake soft vinyl thumb. Length: 46 mm - 1.81". Diameter: 21 mm - 0.83". Capacity: Medium. Made in Italy. Pack of 12 pieces. Works well for teens.
In Stock

Thumb Tip - LD Child (FT) - Bulk of 100
20309 (M9-6-2)
An essential item for performing most sleight-of-hand tricks. Soft plastic model in small size for kids. Can be used in magic sets for kids as well. Pack of 100, with instructions.
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Thumb Tip Card Silk Set - King of Clubs (FT)
19507 (M8-14-4)
The silk with a blank card magically has a card appear (King of Clubs).
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Thumb Tip Silk Streamer - Large 2" x 48"
14826 (M8-12-3)
This four foot long streamer fits right in your thumb tip.
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50 Tricks with a Thumb Tip by M. Christopher
BK14539 (M10-11-1)
Milbourne Christopher teaches 50 tricks you can do using a thumb tip. Originally published by D. Robbins & Co. in 1948.
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Vernet Thumb Tip - Classic - Pack of 12
14386 (M9-11-1.2)
Normal sized, classic plastic realistic thumb tip. Exact copy of a human thumb. Pack of 12.
In Stock

Thumb Tip - Plastic (Vernet) - Children's Size - Pack of 12
18509 (M9-3-1)
Children and teen-sized thumb tips (fingertips). Bulk pack of 1 dozen.
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Phony Ketchup - Single
22139 (R6-1-2)
Imagine your victim's surprise when you pretend to squirt them with ketchup, yet the only thing that comes out of the bottle is a piece of red string. Both Ketchup (Catsup) and Mustard styles are available. Single, shipped loose, no packaging.
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Svengali Pad (FT)
22088 (M10-14-3)
The Svengali Pad is an invaluable accessory for mental magic - it can be used to force words, numbers, designs, colors, playing cards, or anything you can write or draw on a piece of paper.
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Master Mind Card - Pocket Size (FT)
22081 (R8-1-6)
Magician predicts the exact selected card from the dozen different ones. This is a strong mental effect, and no stooges or forces are used.
In Stock

6" Whoopee Cushion
22068 (R3-1-5)
The classic Whoopee Cushion in a compact 6 inch size!
In Stock

14" Magic Wand - Pack of 12
22067 (F2-1-1)
14’’ Magic Wands. Packaged in a polybag with header. Pack of 12.
In Stock

Tenyo Mystery Showcase T-307
22064 (F7-1-3.4)
A coin production under impossible conditions! A coin appears inside the clear case!
In Stock

Learn over 100 tricks that utilize the thumb tip.