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Toss Change Card - Bicycle (FT)
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Toss Change Card - Bicycle (FT)
Toss Change Card - Bicycle (FT)
Item #: 20560 (M23-12-3)
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Show a card front and back to your audience. Toss the card up and it instantly changes to another card or a duplicate of a selected card. Comes ready to use - we even supply a suitable pay envelope for the card - for Red and Blue back Bicycle cards. Specify back color when required. You are supplied with a special mechanical card that changes when tossed up and instructions.

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Card Go Plus - Jumbo (FT)
19154 (M3-12-4)
With this mechanical frame, you can make a Jumbo sized card change into another or vanish completely. Adapted from Card Go by Norman. Includes 2 Jumbo cards.
Out of Stock

Jumbo Card Switcher (FT)
17835 (M11-12-2)
Be able to change a Jumbo Card in plain view of your audience. Supplied complete with a couple of Jumbo Cards. Made of wood, painted.
In Stock

Deck Change Case (E-ZX)
20150 (M6-4-1)
A case that apparently holds two Bicycle decks of cards, one red backed and one blue backed. It will permit you to change the Red backed deck of cards to another deck of your choosing, in a very easy and simple manner, under audience view.
In Stock

Kings to Aces (Wonder)
21011 (M11-5-2)
Change 3 cards of Kings into 3 cards of Aces.
In Stock

Visible Change
20155 (M24-8-1)
Quickly change one card into another.
In Stock

Dinglish Deck - Royal
The card backs are displayed. Your spectator chooses a card from the face up side. Its back is different! Then all the cards change to the same back as the chosen card. Then the entire deck changes to a third color!
In Stock

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Chop Cup Combo Balls - 3/4" Crocheted Balls (FT) - Set of 4
9532 (M4-8-2)
Set of four 3/4" chop cup combo balls.
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Impossible Die Escape (FT)
18299 (M10-3-4)
Easy to learn, clever close-up penetration effect. A die locked securely into a tube with the help of a magic wand magically penetrates the wand at the command of the magician. All apparatus can be freely checked by the spectator.
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Change Bag - Economy  (FT)
20355 (M3-18-3, 31-9-1)
The Change Bag is an invaluable accessory for any magician. Takes little space in your bag of props, and is a more natural prop for use with silks or rope. Very good value for the money.
In Stock

Elastrix: Encyclopedia of Rubber Band Magic by E. Mishell and A. Hurwitz
BK12565 (L4-2-1)
The full encyclopedia of the rubber band tricks by Ed Mishell and Peter Pan (Abe Hurwitz). Vol. 1 of 2.
In Stock

Thumb Tip Card Silk Set - 8 of Diamonds (FT)
19323 (M22-12-2)
A set of silks that can be produced from a thumb tip.
In Stock

Adairs See through Card Penetration (FT)
20227 (M1-5-1)
The spectators clearly see a card (any card) being pushed through, and then penetrating right through the clear, solid acetate material coming out at the base. Very visual.
In Stock

The card tossed in the air changes before returning to the 
magician's hand.