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Trick Dice (Roll 7 or 11)
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Trick Dice (Roll 7 or 11)
Trick Dice (Roll 7 or 11)
Item #: 21979 (M3-13-1)
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You'll always roll a 7 or 11!


It's easy with these dice.

One has a 2 and a 6, the other all 5s (fives).


You can't miss!


Do not bring to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or Monaco.


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A baffling effect! You show a box with six dice with different numbers visible on top. After covering the box, another die is rolled. Let's say the number is 3. You remove the cover and all the dice show 3! This version includes a dice cup.
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Sure Shot Dice Box - Royal
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You'll always roll a 7 or 11!