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Tricky Paddles - Halloween (FT) - Pack of 20
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Tricky Paddles - Halloween (FT) - Pack of 20
Tricky Paddles - Halloween (FT) - Pack of 20
Item #: T19108
Unit: Pack of 20

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Performer shows a paddle with the picture of three Jack-O-Lanterns on both sides. With a flick a flying witch appears, then another on the opposite side. Then one of the witches vanish, leaving you with the pumpkins on one side, and the flying witch on the opposite side. The audience can check the paddle - the pictures are printed on the paddle! Full color design on black paddle. Sold in packs of 20 or 100. 

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Popular trick is available in the Halloween themed edition. Bulk 
pack of either 20 or 100 paddles with instructions.