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Tricky Paddles - Rabbit/ Hat (FT) - Pack of 100
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Tricky Paddles - Rabbit/ Hat (FT) - Pack of 100
Tricky Paddles - Rabbit/ Hat (FT) - Pack of 100
Item #: T19004
Unit: Pack of 100

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Performer shows a paddle with a picture of a hat on both sides. With a flick, a rabbit appears in the hat on one side. Then a second rabbit appears in the hat on the opposite side. One of the rabbits vanish, leaving a rabbit in hat on one side, and an empty hat on the opposite side. Full color design on blank paddle. BULK pack of 100, or Case of 1000.  

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Paddle with a rabbit and hat design used to perform a simple trick. 
Pack of 100 or 1000.