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TRYlogy of Sands of the Desert (Synthetic, Waxed, and Hybrid)
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TRYlogy of Sands of the Desert (Synthetic, Waxed, and Hybrid)
TRYlogy of Sands of the Desert (Synthetic, Waxed, and Hybrid)
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With the TRYlogy of Synthetic, Waxed, and Hybrid Sands of the Desert, it’s now easier than ever before to TRY and find your favorite sand.  Each vibrant color is a different type of treated sand. Comes with about eight ounces of each color—red, blue, and yellow. Complete instructions come with the set.


Clear water is poured into a shot glass and covered with a cloth. The magician fills a matchbox to the brim with sand. The spectator closes the box. The box is shaken once, twice, and on the third time the sand vanishes! The cloth is removed. The sand is now in the shot glass, underwater. The water is poured off, and the sand is completely dry. Easy to do. Magical to watch. Sands of the Desert plays BIG! 

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The TRYlogy set includes Synthetic, Waxed, and Hybrid types of the 
magical-to-watch Sands of the Desert! Three primary colors of sand 
and complete instructions included.