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Vanishing Candle SS PC Red (FT)
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Vanishing Candle SS PC Red (FT)
Vanishing Candle SS PC Red (FT)
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Although vanishing candles where a lit candle vanishes in the performer's hands are not a new magic prop, this model made from stainless steel and powder coated in red is far superior to plastic models previously available. You can also use a silk, feather spray or other similar insert with this prop because of the stronger spring action. These candles will outlast plastic candles several times over. Use a real candle for the lit feature, with no liquid fuel to dry up.
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Appearing Candle SS PC Red  (FT)
19782 (M1-11-1)
A red candle can appear from the performer's hand. Made from stainless steel and powder coated, the superior temper of the metal prop eliminates the spring problems associated with the plastic model. Candle can be lit.
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A stainless steel red cane can vanish into the magician's hand.