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Vanishing Deck - Black (FT)
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Vanishing Deck - Black (FT)
Vanishing Deck - Black (FT)
Item #: 15140 (M9-6-1)
Unit: Each

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The magician takes a box from his pocket. The box has a cut out window on top and an opening at one end, with a card case clearly visible through the window and opening of the box.  He takes the card case from the box and leaves the box on the table. He opens the case and removes a card, say the Nine of Diamonds. He places the card back inside the card case. He states that he will replace the case inside the box, and cause the Nine of Diamonds to penetrate the whole deck, the case, and the box, and drop out. His actions follow his words. But nothing seems to happen.  Confused, he turns the box over and to everyone’s surprise the entire deck of cards has disappeared, leaving the box completely empty!

Instead of making the deck of cards disappear, you can change it into a matchbox, a silk or a miniature deck. This is very easy to do, and extremely baffling. Comes ready to work, with instructions.


Enjoy this video demonstration:

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Make an entire deck of cards disappear, leaving the box completely 
empty! Alternatively, you can also change it into a matchbox, a 
silk or a miniature deck. Very easy to do, and extremely baffling. 
Comes ready to work, with instructions.