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Vernet False Finger Set
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Vernet False Finger Set
Vernet False Finger Set
Item #: V12421
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Barehand productions and vanishes! The creative person will find hundreds of uses for this set of master crafted gimmicks.  Perfect copies of human fingers, all virtually invisible during performance. Produce silk ribbons under impossible conditions, vanish a roll of dollar bills, etc.  Manufactured in an exclusive, semi-flexible and unbreakable material.  These can be molded to your exact size.  Photo illustrated instructions included.

Our False Finger set includes 5 Vernet items: 

  • Thumb Tip Classic
  • Little Tip
  • Finger Tip
  • Sixth Finger - Normal
  • Sixth Finger - Large



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A set of 5 different Thumb Tips and Finger Tips.  Includes Thumb Tip 
Classic, Little Tip, Finger Tip, and the curved Sixth Finger 
(Normal) and Sixth Finger (Large).