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Vernet Insta Salt
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Vernet Insta Salt
Vernet Insta Salt
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The complete salt routine! Magi pours salt into a hanky where it instantly vanishes. Spectator holds his hand to catch salt materializing from Magi's hand. Now spectator returns salt to Magi where it vanishes again but returns in a much greater amount as salt streams from both of Magi's fists. Entire routine can be set up to perform anywhere! A reputation maker that is a welcome addition to any magician's repertoire!


Great combination with Vernet’s Ethereal Salt.  Comes complete with 2 specially made gimmicks, a Vernet Thumb Tip, fullly illustrated instructions and routine.

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The salt constantly appears and disappears. An unending supply of 
salt. Includes 2 special gimmicks, a Vernet thumb tip, instructions 
and routine.