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Vernet Invisible Hand Accessory Kit
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Vernet Invisible Hand Accessory Kit
Vernet Invisible Hand Accessory Kit
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This Kit is for the Invisible Hand device, and increases your possibilities for uses for the miraculous device.  The Kit includes 11 attachments and accessories:

  • Dual Control Gimmick
  • Clip Gimmick
  • Squeaker Gimmick
  • Flashlight Gimmick
  • Universal Pull
  • Magnet Gimmick
  • Ball / Egg Holder
  • Bill in Pen Gimmick
  • Dye Tube Gimmick
  • Utility Pull Gimmick
  • Vanishing Finger Ring Gimmick

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This kit includes 11 attachments and accessories that can be used to 
bring your Invisible Hand performances to the next level.